Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When is it Okay to Fangirl?

...I thought that, just for fun, I would compile a brief list of when (and when not) to fangirl. I find it a tricky business myself, but I hope this helps.

When to Fangirl...
~~at home during the day when you see something exciting.
Tom Hiddleston is coming to Shreveport? *cue squeals*
Your wonderful Australian friend is coming to visit? *cue squeals* 

exception: when an important family member is napping or suffering from a headache. The high-frequency noises can cause significant irriatation and/or pain. In this case it is wise to place a cushion, a hand, or some other muffling device over the mouth to prevent sound escaping. If this course of action is ignored, a sibling may volunteer to oblige you.

~~when with friends
Fangirling, like any other sport, is more fun in a group. If the area permits, fangirl away.

exception: when the majority of the group in no way share the fandom being fangirled over--especially if they're not fans because of family or conscience-related restrictions. That's just rude.

Obviously, it's all right, or I wouldn't be here.
or something like that...
seriously though, you can't exactly smash your face on the keyboard in 'real' life. And sometimes that's the only way to express yourself adequately.
I especially condone the tactful taking over of Tumblr posts...

'just Sherly things' are a particular favorite.

~~When you meet Charles Dickens

~~In public
You love your fandoms; why be ashamed of them?
exception: in very tight spaces, such as automobiles. Or anywhere your screaming might carry, really.
exception 2: when your social skills have not developed past the point of creepiness (this mainly applies to attempts to make contact with a fellow fan).
exception 3: when mental fangirling causes awkward facial expressions.
When it's NOT okay...

~At Random Moments when Someone is Speaking to You: 
I know, I know--it's hard. I personally have a sort of mental pinterest board that I scroll through when I'm bored (no pun intended--just this once).  I'll suddenly come across something funny and fandom-related, and just burst out laughing, no matter the time, the place, or who I'm supposed to be listening to.
did I also mention it is okay to use as many Sherlock gifs on your own blog post as you want? 'cause it is. can get awkward. If anyone has a remedy for this (besides actually listening), I'd be grateful.

~Weddings and funerals. Just don't.

~In the theatre.

Unless you do it very quietly. This is another hard one.

~When you see a favorite character's look-alike in public. This is the most difficult. Once in Destin we saw--and were forced to interact with--someone who looked EXACTLY LIKE MR. TILNEY. 
A very tricky situation to keep under control--we nearly lost it when he did the smirk. Keep calm and carry on, I suppose...

Well, there you have it--a quick guide to the appropriate place to express your appreciation for your fandoms. This is by no means exhaustive, so if you have any more, let me know. 

This also applies to fanboys, just to clear up any confusion.  

Do you have any tips on controlling fandom-related outbursts when forced from your lair?  


Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

*Cue fangirling* :P
Your WONDERFUL Australian Friend Here!!!!!

Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

Oh and to add to teh list..
Not in the middle of class
like I just did

Rebekah said...

Once at a resturaunt I had a waiter who looked exactly like Benedict Cumberpatch, except younger. I did not conceal my excitement very well...

Our conversation -
Me: *grinning stupidly* Has anyone ever told you that you look like Benedict Cumberpatch?
Waiter: Yes. *walks away*
Me: *to person next to me* HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!!!
Person next to me: *facepalm*

The sad part of this story is that I have never watched Sherlock. :/