Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lu's Rapunzel-esque Braid

...done on my birthday while watching the Barbie movie of the same name, the day after watching the Disney movie on the same heroine.  Thus the background, or lack of background.

Random Pictures from Events I Have not Posted About, Part I--the sorta-kinda ball

....meaning, of course, that we were told that we could dress up for this dance, but not to worry about coming in costume.
We read it something like this:
What are we going to wear?
Mother! My muslin needs new trim! And my ridicule is absolutely ridiculous!
I need new ribbon for shoe-roses...and ostrich feathers...
At least the boys' costumes are okay...
...while some people might respond to this reaction by wondering why we stress over something so simple and informal...
...we are too busy sewing each other into gowns to notice. Actually, we love having an event for which we must dress up, so we make the most out of it. If we have to make a mountain out of a molehill...well, we'll do it. Can't really tell the difference in LA, anyway. Don't have many mountains. It's not stress! It's fun. 
Actually, curling Lu's entire head in paper is stressful. But that's not our fault.  
Without further ado...
 Left to right: Em,  Jess, Bren, Lu, et moi, confident in our poshness.
 Brennan and Dad...
 Myself dancing the Ship's Cook (an wonderful dance from a wonderful miniseries) with Kristoff Grayson
 Shoe-tying--one of my chief occupations of the evening. Apparently, I was the only one whose stays didn't prohibit her movements. Ergo, guess who gets to secure the footwear? Me, that's 'oo!

 My parents, also posh

 Lu and Em in full aristocratic snobbery.
Fun fact: Emery sewed the red ribbons on her gown crossed in back (they came undone) and crossed in front in memory of the victims of the Reign of Terror. The ribbons symbolized the captives' bonds, and her red choker stood for...yeah. *gulp* that. We based it off a fashion plate from the 1790s. She said she hoped someone would ask about them so she could explain in all the gory detail.
Luckily for her, someone did. O.O
 Gabe. Need more be said?
 Gabbi and her mother. Aren't her sleeves nice and poufy? ;) 

 The Dark Side of ECD
 Lu and Gab. I was responisble for Gabbi's tunic-drape-thingy (I am so eloquent!). It's a curtain panel than was cut for use in a pelisse, but the pelisse was completed without it. It was the perfect shape already--all I did was hem and stitch the shoulder and add a sash. I would have preferred the sash to be higher, but I thought it still turned out well. 
Shoe ribbons in disarray!

And I leave you with this photograph, which perfectly portrays our stately grandeur and dignity.