Saturday, November 1, 2014

Did You Miss Me?

..ha. I bet you all thought I had given up on this crazy thing, didn't you?
Well, it never said there had to be 30 posts for 30 days in a row!* 

because in fact it was supposed to be 31 posts 30 days in a row. Details.

Anyway, I decided that I would simply divide my 30-ish posts into the first week of each month (it took me about three weeks into October to decide this). So, this week, expect your feed to be graced with a post each day (hopefully) and then you have to wait three weeks.
Or what if I turned the three weeks into years and ended with a cliffhanger? That might be fun.
Thankfully I'm not Moffat.

So, since I don't actually have a topic for this post other than to announce my return (Shut up, John! I don't want everyone to know I'm still alive! Promise you won't tell anyone?"), I need your help. Is there anything/anyone/anyfandom in particular you would like me to write about? I can't guarantee your wish will be granted, but I can try if you will!  After all...


Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

He..he..he HAHAHAHA Catie that was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 XD
You know who I would love you to write about :P Do with it what you will!

Aibhilin (Evelyn) said...

Hoooooold your horses! Maybe do a musical review? Up to you of course!

Rebekah said...

I'd love to hear your opinion of Shrek the musical ;)