Friday, January 8, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Ta-da! It is my debut in the blogging world! My mom finally let me have a blog! Yippee! Pardon me, I'm rather excited...

For those of you who don't know, the bird at the top of the page is lovingly referred to as "Noname" pronounced no-(as in the opposite of yes)na-(short a)mi(me,you, us, that kind of thing). She is one of our four birds that regularly graces our floor with feathers, dust, birdseed.... and then I have to clean it all up!
Here are the fluffed-up featherbags

.....enjoying an afternoon snack! (at my expense)

Oh well, I need to get a lock for the cage door anyway.

We have several other pests... excuse me, pets in and around our household.

There is Annie, ( her full name is Anonymous) the black panther (cat) who has some rather odd tendencies.....

She must have heard me say "Catfish"

Talk about the cat who ate the canary!

Here are my (lovable, huggable, butterfingered, forgetful, sometimes-annoying-but-still-very- sweet) siblings


....B. Cole

And (drumroll please), Lu!

Here is my mom....

and my dad....

And Coco, our household behemoth:

....Playing dead. (or is she?)

Those confounded budgies were wandering all over my rooom, making a mess, and I found a solution! Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! I present to you.......... quick and easy parakeet storage!

Over-the- door shoe organizers are awesome!

Now let me see, who did I forget? hmmmm. ME! So, here is a picture of me......

In my fairy costume!( a year ago)

Here is a more recent picture:

Can you believe it snowed in Louisiana two years in a row?