Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The AG Girls

Hello again it's "Redhead" here to post about ten American Girl dolls!!
1) Here is Josefina, Gabbi's doll that has been staying over lately.

2) And this is Rebecca, Mom's doll.

3) Kirsten, Catie's first doll.

4) Kirsten's sister Lanie girl of the year 2010.

(5)&(6) & Jess's dolls

Emily was her first doll,

and then Lizzy.

doesn't she look just like Jess
7) Kanani my fourth doll also girl of the year 2011

8) Felicity my third doll

she looks a lot like me

9) my second doll Ruthie
they always say save the best for last so here she is number 10.......
*drum roll please*...............................
KIT kITTREDGE my first american girl doll I got her off of ebay four years ago

with sara the "Build-a-Bear"

and her really close friend Emily having fun in jess's room with sara
Well that's pretty much it except for the house but that's another story for later