Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Paragraph from Comp

The day was wet and rainy. Water droplets pooled and slid down the windowpanes, forming tiny cascades of their own as they rushed to join the torrent pulsing out of the downspout and eroding its way down the hillside. Yellow-clad pedestrians struggled ahead, heads lowered against the rain like a funeral procession. The cat howled at the back door, but none heeded the drenched feline's cries for salvation from the deluge. Not even the grey clouds above acknowledged his plight as they let forth their fury upon the earth. Theirs was not to take pity; their lot was to rain, and rain they did, until the entire neighborhood was somber and drenched in gloom.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Quick Paragraph from Flash Writing

      The new local library is a wonderful place. Instead of ancient, dusty, boring books (like classics), shiny, new, best-selling novels line the shelves, glowing faintly in the light of the fluorescent tubes. Reading is no longer merely for the elderly and geeks; it is for everyone! Posters flutter slightly on the wall in the breeze from the air conditioning, all proclaiming insightful messages such as, Monty the Monster says, "Everybody should read!
"Penny the Penguin says, "Reading is Cool!" and
Read--Escape to Whole New Worlds! 
Every October, spider webs, ghosts, and skeletons join the usual vampire decor in the "teen" section around the area set aside for reading and reflection. Wonderful and encouraging programs enrich the schedule, such as "Wii game night," "Vampire love story contest winners awards ceremony," and the ever-popular "Murder Mystery Night." With such a positive atmosphere, it is little wonder teen-agers enjoy 'hanging out' at the library--this has nothing to do with the free internet, of course. Without libraries, America would be at a great loss. After all, who else would enforce what is taught in school, such as the motto of this great establishment:


Monday, October 1, 2012

Believe It or Not...

...I'm still here, alive, breathing, perfectly fine...except I'm very, very BUSY. Between Veritas classes, Classical Conversations, and trying (read failing) to keep the garden somewhat under control, it's been pretty crazy. Since the first day of fall has officially arrived (I don't care what the calendar says--it's not autumn 'til it gets below 70), the thermometer proclaims the news that it is 63 degrees Fahrenheit (I'm wearing coats and fuzzy socks now), we just had a weeklong break from CC, and I'm supposed to be writing an essay or five, I think it's high time I at least attempted a post. 
Some Highlights of the Summer 
First of all, my dear friend Maura sent me some MINI AFRICAN VIOLETS on Thursday. MINIS! I've been pining after these for so long...:) Aren't they adorable?

We went to our beach for Lu's birthday. Yes. OUR BEACH. Destin.

I think I'm homesick for the beach...again.
I got a lovely new jean jacket (you can read my mom's post about it here)

Our side yard was turned into a lake during hurricane Isaac...

...and I grew my first sweet potatoes. Above are the fruits of my labor. Or should it be tubers?

I solved our Silky hair problem (so what if they look like hippie chickens?).

And we finally went to the Aquarium. 

I hope to start posting again on a regular basis, but I won't guarantee anything...;)
Tell me about your experiences this summer!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Still Here! & The Concert

Believe it or not, I really am still has been kind of crazy, but I hope to start posting again on a regular basis soon...
On April 15 we went to the River Center for the Celtic Woman concert...but let me back up a bit. We (which includes Gabbi, my sisters, and myself) have been longing for "Jane Austen" dresses...and someone (I don't know who) came up with the brilliant idea of making them for the concert...
Next thing I know, we're buying patterns and fabric and chattering excitedly about ribbons and lace and hairstyles...
Unfortunately, the project kind of got put off--excuse me, postponed until the Tuesday before the concert...which meant we had five day to make four dresses. Need I say that we were rather late getting to bed all week?
Anyway, here are some pictures from the event
Our grand entrance to the River Center

(we were five minutes late and in a hurry)

Waiting outside impatiently as the music starts...

Gabbi's hair...isn't it pretty?
My hair...




At Jason's Deli afterwards..

Mom managed to get a snippet of Lisa Lambe singing "Dulaman," one of my favorite songs...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The AG Girls

Hello again it's "Redhead" here to post about ten American Girl dolls!!
1) Here is Josefina, Gabbi's doll that has been staying over lately.

2) And this is Rebecca, Mom's doll.

3) Kirsten, Catie's first doll.

4) Kirsten's sister Lanie girl of the year 2010.

(5)&(6) & Jess's dolls

Emily was her first doll,

and then Lizzy.

doesn't she look just like Jess
7) Kanani my fourth doll also girl of the year 2011

8) Felicity my third doll

she looks a lot like me

9) my second doll Ruthie
they always say save the best for last so here she is number 10.......
*drum roll please*...............................
KIT kITTREDGE my first american girl doll I got her off of ebay four years ago

with sara the "Build-a-Bear"

and her really close friend Emily having fun in jess's room with sara
Well that's pretty much it except for the house but that's another story for later


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

big things come in small packages

My sister requested (I imagine in part because of Jess's new blog here) that I allow her to "do a blog post." So, without further ado...
Hi this Lu my older sister Catie said that I could do a blog post, so here it is!

A while back we were watching the new Celtic Woman concert Believe on TV, and during break we found out that they were coming to LA in April to the river center in Baton Rouge tickets were 75$ for one and there was three of us plus an adult. After two more breaks Catie announced that that's what she wanted for her birthday after the concert ended we all went to bed. On Christmas morning, after everything was opened Mom and Dad handed Catie one more envelope which said, "Happy Birthday Catie!" There was four tickets to the concert! yippee! and we were told that our "sister" Gabbi also got tickets for her and her mom yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon we will be seeing Chloe Agnew, Lisa Lambe, Mairead Nesbitt and Susan Mcfadden yippee!!!!