Monday, May 13, 2013

It's About Time

...that I posted again. Excuses aside, here are some pictures from the Jane Austen Ball in Walker (could such things really be? Never thought I'd say that!).
Gabbi and I making the exact same face. Funny, no?

 It is, however, a good picture of the back of our gowns.
A rather blurry image of me
Gabbi dancing. The Virginia Reel, I imagine.
A very sassy Lu and yours truly in the middle of a two-hand turn...
A shot of everyone either 
a) trying to learn the Scottish
b) trying to practice the Scottish for the fun of it
c) trying to decide whether or not to do the Scottish
d) trying to stay out of everyone's way
Oh, the decisions to be made...

Myself, my very handsome brother and my pretty sister preparing for the Comical Fellow 
Jess in full Mrs. Bennet-whispering mode (sorry, Jess, but I couldn't resist!)
 and Grayson looking...dashing (?) in his coat.
 Our Mom-we're-50-minutes-late-and-need-to-get-inside-NOW picture. :)