Wednesday, January 29, 2014

100 Years Fashion Cycle, part 1

A series of most amusing realisations led me to these posts. 'Twould seem that, once a century for the past three centuries, the same general shape keeps popping into clothing, often in the same decades. I am giving general dates in decades; the idea is to see how silhouettes have changed (or not), not to get precise historical information. For that, you need Pinterest. All photos were selected from Google; I have no idea who took them; thus I give credit by warning that I'm not going to give credit.
Without further ado,
The 1750s 

The 1850s
1860's Beautiful Red Dress

The 1950s
A coral pink halterneck dress with a lace overlay
If I have time, I might investigate the poofy hair trend next time. Also, watch out for bustles!

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Caroline L. said...

I love studying historical fashion and seeing the trends and silhouettes that cycle back around through time. So cool!