Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Paragraph from Comp

The day was wet and rainy. Water droplets pooled and slid down the windowpanes, forming tiny cascades of their own as they rushed to join the torrent pulsing out of the downspout and eroding its way down the hillside. Yellow-clad pedestrians struggled ahead, heads lowered against the rain like a funeral procession. The cat howled at the back door, but none heeded the drenched feline's cries for salvation from the deluge. Not even the grey clouds above acknowledged his plight as they let forth their fury upon the earth. Theirs was not to take pity; their lot was to rain, and rain they did, until the entire neighborhood was somber and drenched in gloom.


April said...

Whoa. Can you help me find a towel now?

Rebekah said...

Beautiful picture.