Monday, October 1, 2012

Believe It or Not...

...I'm still here, alive, breathing, perfectly fine...except I'm very, very BUSY. Between Veritas classes, Classical Conversations, and trying (read failing) to keep the garden somewhat under control, it's been pretty crazy. Since the first day of fall has officially arrived (I don't care what the calendar says--it's not autumn 'til it gets below 70), the thermometer proclaims the news that it is 63 degrees Fahrenheit (I'm wearing coats and fuzzy socks now), we just had a weeklong break from CC, and I'm supposed to be writing an essay or five, I think it's high time I at least attempted a post. 
Some Highlights of the Summer 
First of all, my dear friend Maura sent me some MINI AFRICAN VIOLETS on Thursday. MINIS! I've been pining after these for so long...:) Aren't they adorable?

We went to our beach for Lu's birthday. Yes. OUR BEACH. Destin.

I think I'm homesick for the beach...again.
I got a lovely new jean jacket (you can read my mom's post about it here)

Our side yard was turned into a lake during hurricane Isaac...

...and I grew my first sweet potatoes. Above are the fruits of my labor. Or should it be tubers?

I solved our Silky hair problem (so what if they look like hippie chickens?).

And we finally went to the Aquarium. 

I hope to start posting again on a regular basis, but I won't guarantee anything...;)
Tell me about your experiences this summer!