Monday, September 20, 2010

Purslane Madness!

I got my hands on two new pots of purslane yesterday at Target. As many of you know, I LOVE purslane. I love the flowers, I love the taste, I love the colors....... this could go on for quite some time. Anyway, they both had the leaf shape of moss rose, (if you don't know what that is, call me to set up an appointment: ) one actually was moss rose, with multicolored flowers(the flowers themselves weren't multicolor, they just had different colored flowers on the same plant). The other one was white-flowered. I potted them up in a window box with three other varieties I had on hand(yellow, hot pink, and hot pink with yellow edges). This box

is going to be beautiful once the plants start filling in all the empty space. Here's some close-ups of some of the flowers

Sorry I couldn't get all of them!

This is a mystery flower. We have no idea what it is! If you know, let me know!


Gabbi said...

Hey Catie these are so Beautiful.
I love the perple one it's just so pretty.

Catie D. said...

Iris "Seapower" ? I like that one too.