Monday, December 5, 2011

Yesterday I started working on the formal herb garden I'd been wanting to do for a while. Dad marked out a 12' by 12' square for me, and I set to work. I wanted four square beds, with a path through the middle, wide enough so I could plant my new rosebush in the center. As soon as I had finished laying down the newspaper, I realized it was getting dark, so I dampened the paper with the hose and went inside, thinking that since it was supposed to rain anyway, the damp paper would stay put until I could work on it in the morning. Great idea, right?
Wrong. I looked out the windows today, and lo and behold, there was all the newspaper--ALL OVER THE YARD. I spent the first half hour just chasing newspapers. The dog thought it was great fun and tried to help by  scattering them even further. Then, after I'd finally manage to get them all back in place (after reading the comics, of course :), I went to go get some leaves to put down on top. The minute I turned my back the wind started up again, and I was once again engaged in a game of tag-the-newspaper. I finished with the leaf layer and went inside.

Well, I guess I should go and finish that herb garden. I'll post some pictures later!

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Caroline L. said...

Oh, dear! Not what you wanted to wake up to, right? But I can't wait to hear more about the herb garden!