Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(Not-so-Recent) Garden Pictures

These are some old pics from August that I forgot to post earlier. :) At least it's not so hot outside anymore. Well, almost.

Water lettuce in my birdbath (wonder how the birds feel about that?)
Basil blossoms (I know, I know, but they're too pretty to pinch off!)
Water hyacinth

Coco happily chewing Dad's shoe...
Pretty pink Mexican primroses
Morning Glories growing on a sunflower stalk

...and more morning glory vines waiting to strangle slow passersby...


Rebekah said...

So THAT's what a Dahlia looks like!!! I've read about them in books but I'd never seen one.

Great pictures Catie!!

April said...

maybe the birds like salad?
i enjoyed your morning glory madness this summer, at least as much as coco enjoyed the shoe.
thanks for being a FREE gardener!