Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look who's here...

Our daffodils finally bloomed!

These are some late starters....but they are new, and they are pink, so I think we can forgive them....;)

Either mustard or broccoli growing off the side of the porch. No idea how it got there, but it's blooming. :)

Siberian squill

While I was out with the camera, I nearly stepped.......in this. Sneaky thing. It pays to watch where you're going! ;)

Bluets--"Quaker Ladies," some call them

Apparently the flowers and I weren't the only things enjoying this lovely spring weather....

the budgies are probably thinking, "YES! Finally! We get to go OUTSIDE!" I guess they don't enjoy being inside during the winter, although, believe me they would have a worse time OUTSIDE in the winter. ;)


April said...

sweet, pretty post, catie! your pics of the daffodils are especially GOOD.
love you!

Lynn said...

Oh, I've seen what you have as Siberian squill. I am sure I did not know the correct name. Not sure now what I was even calling them. Hmmmm. Where did I even see one! Well, I'll quit rambling now about that.

We love the bird picture--with the flower on its head. Michaela wanted a bird. Really bad! Now she wants one really really bad.