Friday, January 28, 2011

Fairy Garden

This is my fairy garden I've been working on for while--try not to mind the lovely kitchen background.

The Grand Entrance (who knew grammar and gardening books could be so practical?)

A cozy fairy flower-house

A bridge into the woods
The garden's resident troll and his surfboard
The water garden
The desert-fairy's dwelling
Isn't the little jug adorable?

The fairy forest

Hmm...maybe a fairy seashore would be a good idea....I don't think Mom would allow that on her countertop, but one never knows....
Where'd my bag of sand go? :)


R said...


You are so creative girl!


Gabbi said...


So this is what you do in your spare time ;)
You are so great at makeing those miniatures.

Great Job.


Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

What a very lovely fairy garden you have created!!! I especially love that red mushroom...a great place for a fairy to hide!

De said...

I got a link from your mom - this is adorable! Great job!

Judy said...

Well, I never knew fairies had it so good!
Love the fairy forest!

Michelle said...

This is fantastic! I'll have to show my girls. They would love that. Great job!

Lynn said...

That is a FINE garden for fairies! I love every bit of it! It is also wonderful that you've found such a good use for your grammar books. :) Lynn

LV said...

This is a new for me. A fairy tale garden. You are doing a remarkable job on it. Enjoyed visiting your blog.